Glazier Yee LLP is a rapid deployment force business litigation and counseling team. Glazier Yee features attorneys and staff with decades of trial, case and project management, unclaimed property compliance and audit defense, and industry leadership experience. Glazier Yee's dedication to successful results simply is unmatched in the profession.

Glazier Yee brings a fresh look to business litigation and counseling. Applying its significant trial experience and its uniquely specialized practice area knowledge and expertise, the firm selects appropriate battles based on individual case and project parameters, wins them decisively and thus prevails on a tactically and strategically advantageous pressure-point approach.

Glazier Yee's litigation approach to written discovery, depositions, expert utilization, and motion practice is designed specifically to support a successful outcome at every litigation turning point - including trial. This protocol yields dramatically increased percentages of dismissals, lower settlement amounts, reduced new filings, and winning verdicts.


Glazier Yee offers a strong, diverse, and broad business litigation and counseling background. For more than two decades, the firm's partners, of counsel attorneys, and associates, have:

  • Successfully represented defense contractors, federal and national banks, oil and gas interests, national manufacturing clients, regional hospitals and commercial real estate entities in a variety of litigation specialties including: environmental, business contract, telecommunications, trademark, employment, white collar defense, and banking and finance;
  • Tried numerous cases through jury verdict and managed complex and simple litigation from inception through trial;
  • Conducted and coordinated large volume, multi-party discovery and motions practice;
  • Prepared, defended, examined and cross-examined numerous world-renowned experts in medical, manufacturing, environmental, financial damages analysis and other specialties.