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Solutions Overview

Glazier Yee attorneys bring decades of successful performance to the business litigation arena and the business counseling field. Over the last quarter century, Guy Glazier, Laura Yee, and their partners, of counsel attorneys, and associates have represented and counseled hundreds of America's most successful companies, tried dozens of cases across the country, and achieved unmatched business litigation and litigation-avoidance results.

Our Principles

Business litigation and business counseling are first and foremost about business. The answer to your first question is that we carefully maintain our rates at particularly reasonable levels. The answer to your second question is that we carefully analyze your case or project up front and provide you with a prognosis, a budget, and recommendations. The answer to your third question is that we cannot predict the future, but our years of experience allow us to assure you that your dollar will buy outstanding representation, advice, and work product. If the past is a guide, we will exceed your expectations.


We get to know you, your industry, and your products and services. One of the hallmarks of our success is that we will understand your business; our strategies will reflect it. We are committed to understanding the nature of your work better than the other side and better than the other sides' experts. That's right . . . better than those paid by the other side to investigate, report on, and testify about the matters you hire us to handle. Glazier Yee attorneys enjoy a well-established reputation of knowing their clients' products and services better than anyone else in the room and applying rigorous legal analysis, clear writing, and tireless advocacy to achieve their clients' goals.

Client Service & Loyalty

Nobody works harder than we do. You can always reach us. In a business rife with legal and practical conflicts, we turn away work that could endanger our loyalty to our clients. We take our profession personally.


  • 9th Circuit Affirms Summary Judgement
    SAN FRANCISCO –– The 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals has affirmed awards of summary judgment to two asbestos defendants, finding in part that one of the defendants had provided enough evidence to support its reliance on the government contractor defense.
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  • Defense Jury Verdict
    LIBERTY, Mo. –– A Missouri jury has reached a defense verdict in favor of Lockheed Martin Corp., rejecting claims that the aircraft manufacturer was liable for a decedent’s mesothelioma, which was allegedly caused by exposure to asbestos-containing ovens contained in airplanes on which the decedent worked.
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